Send, Spend & Swap the smart money around The World

Cryptocurrencies must be spendable and convertible, in your time with speed.

We bring a fair worldwide payment system

Our mission is adoption of blockchain based payments

Banking solutions

Accept cryptocurrency, and get paid in

We work with exchanges, banks, financial institutions and regulators so businesses who use SpendPi don’t have to. You accept, we simplify.

Currencies we support

Convert crypto to fiat

Convert cryptocurrencies into fiat, instantly. Allowing you to spend or convert anywhere.

Get the best market rate

You don't have to go to multiple places to find the best rate, we at SpendPi will ensure you the best market rate.

Direct bank transfer

Remittance is made easy, allowing you to convert and deposit money directly into your bank account.

Revamp your business

Be future ready, accept the smart money now.

Cryptocurrency is a multi-billion dollar economy, it's a new way to accept and spend money. Accept smart money now and gain access to international markets.

Now accept

Accepting smart money opens new opportunities. With blockchain based payments, you can accept payments from anyone around the world, really fast.

You control it
No hidden charges
World wide payments

World-wide payments

Instantly convert and pay/transfer to merchants, family or friends in their local currency. Quick settlement for merchants, and the best experience for your customers.

Transparent rates

We started SpendPi with a vision to create a fair financial system. So, we provide transparency and you always get the best market rate.

No hidden charges

Whether you accept or pay there's never a middle man, no hidden charges, no complications. Charges are always displayed, upfront.

Making smart money simple.

Making smart money simple.

SpendPi allows you to accept payments in most cryptocurrencies and receive funds directly to your bank account.

Real-time reporting

Same day settlements

No price volatility or risk

Updated via email at each stage

Settle with fiat or stable currencies

Transfer money internationally

Send money for less

Directly convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currencies and transfer to an international bank account of your business, family, and friends for less fees.

With SpendPi you can set up a bank transfer without having to convert multiple times. Hence saving you on multiple conversion charges, hassle to find the best rates.

Transfer money internationally

(Available for merchants)

Blockchain powered

Using blockchain technology, we enable users to transfer money globally in seconds.

Low-cost money transfer

Say good-bye to hefty fees on your transfer, all fees are shown upfront. No hidden charges, just a speedy transfer.

Multi-currency support

Hold multiple currencies in your SpendPi wallet, you can swap to different currencies when you see the market perform well.


A simplified and better financial system